“We engaged Catch the Sun to support a comms strategy and redevelopment of a SharePoint site for the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. Maddie added value to the project from day one with her deep understanding of how to engage audiences through digital experiences and her knowledge of the Australian Government Style Manual. Her ideas were creative, including using humour to catch the audience’s attention in a busy comms environment. She completed all the work on time and to the highest standard. But the greatest value to the project was Maddie’s ability to build rapport with the client team; she earned their trust quickly and became their ‘go-to’ for advice. I highly recommend Maddie and the Catch the Sun team for future work.”

Kylie McKenzie

Principal Consultant, NTT

“I’ve worked with Maddie for a number years on heaps of different projects. I wouldn’t dream of sending anything to print without her looking at it first. I can’t tell you how well I sleep at night knowing she has spotted every last mistake. She’s the queen of detail!”

Peter Kerwood

Director, Marketing Superstore

Our advertising agency has been working with Catch the Sun for over 2.5 years now on our client Suzuki. Maddie displays strong attention to detail on all proofreading projects. The location difference, with us in the UK and CTS in Australia, has worked really well, as they’re able to review work sent through at the end of our working day and have the proofread versions in our inboxes first thing the next morning, ready for us to action. This saves us much-needed time on our production schedules!”

Iva Tanku

Account Manager, Red Brick Road

“A HUGE thank you for your help with the magazine this year. We got it ready in time for Welcome Week! Thank you so much for all your help.”

Jennifer Mills

Marketing and Communications Manager, Imperial Enterprise Lab

“The team at Catch the Sun Communications are content geniuses. I’ve worked with Maddie on numerous projects over many years now and she always delivers flawless, high-quality content that meets all our requirements. Whether print or digital, Maddie knows how to target your audience and get the most out of your communication medium. When you engage Maddie on a project, you don’t just get a talented and experienced content specialist, you get a valuable addition to your team who is just as dedicated and passionate about your project as you are. Maddie doesn’t just deliver content, she works with you to get results.”

Nadean Mamic

Associate Director, Projects and Innovation, University of Canberra

“Thank you for all of your help during this crazy year. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your responsiveness and general ‘thoroughness’ in all we throw at you – it’s mega reassuring!”

Steve Dunhill

Marketing Manager, ICMP

This is a creative bit of PR and I like it.”

Julian Morgans

Editor, Vice.com Australia

“Maddie is a pleasure to work with; very concise and clear in her amends and impressively thorough.”

Iona Hickman

Head of Design and Branding, Simpson Travel

“Maddie has become the ‘go-to’ proofreader for our undergraduate and postgraduate prospectuses. She swiftly got to grips with the University’s house style and her work is of an exceptional standard – she never fails to pick up on issues and inconsistencies that we have missed. She has made my job considerably easier: when I send a prospectus to senior management for sign-off ahead of going to press, I am confident that it is as close to perfect as it possibly can be! Maddie is also a pleasure to work with: we really appreciate her patience, efficiency and flexibility.”

Joanna McGarry

Publications Officer, City University London

“This is great, thanks. Some really helpful spots in there.”

Daniel Mapp

Development Communications Officer, Imperial College London

“Your legend increases daily!”

Nic Ledger

Head of Social Media and Content, BIMM Institute

“These were both perfect. Thanks for all your efforts!”

Luke Garner

Program Manager, UNSW Canberra City

“Absolutely perfect, thank you for this content.”

Ben Meyers

Online Course Programme Coordinator, ICMP

“Thank you so much! This is exactly what was needed.”

Catherine Russell

Assistant Director, Light Rail Engagement and Communications, ACT Government

Maddie was a pleasure to work with, very concise and clear in her amends and impressively thorough. We will be using her again for future print pieces and would happily recommend her to others.”

Iona Hickmann

Senior Designer, Simpson Travel and Simpson Exclusive

“Thank you for your assistance this year. It’s been a pleasure working with you, and I thank you for helping us with our copy this year. You’ve been amazing and thank you for always meeting our tight deadlines. Looking forward to working with you next year!”

Sorial Ibraheim

Business Manager, Capital Link Services

“Could you work your usual magic?”

Tom Picken

Head of Marketing Services, BIMM Institute

“You are amazing!! Thank you so much 🙂 “

Shannon Andrews

Graphic Designer, Simpson Travel

“The fact that Maddie decided to forge a career as a proofreader was the least surprising news I’d ever heard. Her natural eagle eye for each and every detail was renowned across the agency when we worked together. I would trust her every time to deliver work with zero errors. In fact, during our time together, the quality control on her accounts rose to a perfect record. If you want word-perfect work, Maddie definitely possesses the required obsessive compulsive qualities you’re after.”

Xavier Rees

Deputy Managing Director, Targetbase Claydon Heeley

“I had the pleasure of working with Maddie when I was one of her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Maddie to anyone looking for great attention to detail and 100% accuracy. Plus Maddie is a fantastic person to work with and I consider myself lucky to be able to count her now as a friend as well as an ex-colleague.”

Clare Rayment

Marketing Manager, 3 Mobile

“That’s great – thank you for the speedy turnaround on this.”

Steve Dunhill

Marketing Manager, ICMP

Our clients love you guys!”

Tim Bohm

Founder and Creative Director, 2B Advertising & Design

“Maddie was terrific. Her ability to distill the deeper meaning of what I was saying and to improve my text was outstanding. My website certainly would not have been as good without her work.”

Paul Dykes

Owner, Paul Dykes Counselling

“Maddie worked remotely for BD for over a year, and while we never met, she consistently turned in great work, was always friendly and receptive, and never missed a deadline despite our outrageous demands! We will definitely be using her services again.”

John Ronayne

Senior Creative Services Manager, BD Network

“Maddie is an exceptional and versatile copywriter. She quickly gets to grips with our clients’ requirements, producing superior writing that meets their brief and budget. Her attention to detail means mistakes, typos and dreadful punctuation never make it past her final edit.”

Cathryn Kronhamn

Director, The Ideas House

“You are doing an excellent job for us and the ‘catch the sun’ thing works really well for us.”

David O’Connor

Group Marketing Director, BIMM Institute

My client is delighted with everything you have done. Thank you for your amazing work, as always.”

Peter Kerwood

Director, Marketing Superstore

“I just wanted to say that this is the most exciting email I have had regarding communications in the 12 months since we started the Distillery! You obviously get it, straight away, and that is such a relief.”

Andy Marriott

Managing Director, The Film Distillery

“Thank you for all your work over the past few months. We have genuinely appreciated having you as a member of our team. Your patience, professionalism and attention to detail are impressive and you helped us through a tight spot and made it look easy.”

Kylie McKenzie

Marketing Director, University of Canberra

“Thank you for all of your help over the past year. I really appreciate how easy it is to work with you, your responsiveness and also your in-depth knowledge of ICMP.”

Steve Dunhill

Marketing Manager, ICMP

“Thank you so much. This is perfect!”

Michelle LeClercq-Smith

Owner, The View from the Bay

“These are perfect, thanks for your help!”

Dionne Stringer

Digital Marketing Manager , BIMM Institute

“Determined, hard working, insightful and with a great eye for detail, I would not hesitate to recommend Maddie.”

Craig Hanna

Partner, Designate

“Wow! Very impressed reading through that!”

Rachael Batkovic

Director, Kappelle Projects

“Thanks so much, really appreciate how well these timings work!”

Cathryn Kronham

Director, The Ideas House

“Wow, that was quick! Wonderful, that is exactly what I needed.”

Lucy Donovan

PR and Marketing Manager, BIMM Berlin & BIMM Hamburg

“We’ve gone through the content and we love it! Thank you so much for everything and at such short notice too.”

Cameron Gilsenan

Customer Service Consultant, Capital Link Services

“I love this piece! Thank you so much for sending this over and putting it together.”

Lucy Donovan

PR and Marketing Manager, BIMM Berlin & BIMM Hamburg

“I worked with Maddie for over two years and she is an excellent proofreader. She thoroughly checks every piece of work for grammar and typos, and whether the piece is a poster or a 40-page brochure, it gets the same attention to detail. Maddie has worked in high-pressure environments and on extremely fast-paced accounts (such as Sky), and her organisation and reliability mean that she delivers every time. I can thoroughly recommend her services.”

Sarah Lipscombe

Client Services Director, Digital And Direct

“Maddie is a perfectionist. She has an excellent grasp of the English language and is thorough and dedicated to getting the job done right. The work would be delivered on time, on budget and perfect – there are few people that can make such a claim. I would hire her again and again and again . . .”

Michelle LeClercq

Head of Direct Marketing, 3 Mobile

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