Red Brick Road + Suzuki

How Catch the Sun increased marketing efficiencies for Red Brick Road and their high-volume, quick-turnaround client Suzuki

The client

Red Brick Road is a London-based integrated agency specialising in brand strategy, direct response advertising and retail marketing. They regularly produced and delivered fully integrated print, outdoor, digital, social and point-of-sale campaigns for their client, Suzuki.

The problem

The volume of multi-channel communications and advertising materials that Red Brick Road needed to approve and send out the door each week was immense. Their timing plans were consistently tight, their production schedules were constantly being squeezed and deadlines were always looming. Members of their account handling team were not proofreading and sign-off experts, but were being tasked with this vital job. The team was busy, overstretched and needed an expert helping hand so they could concentrate on other important aspects of their jobs.

The solution

Red Brick Road hired Catch the Sun to help with the proofreading of Suzuki’s marketing materials – from direct response press and print advertising to dealer-specific communications and toolkits. Given Suzuki’s constant tight deadlines, we helped Red Brick Road to ‘catch the sun’ by harnessing the time zone difference between the UK and Australia for their advantage. Red Brick Road’s account handlers and project managers sent us PDF artwork at the end of their working day. We picked any jobs up in the Australian morning and used our laser-sharp attention to detail to check for errors, inconsistencies and versioning correctness, all while the Red Brick Road team was sleeping.

The results

Catch the Sun enabled Red Brick Road to add an extra ‘peace of mind’ layer to their sign-off processes, without it impacting their already tight production schedule. Relying on Catch the Sun’s expert editorial freelancers allowed the agency to deliver a high volume of top-quality error-free marketing materials each week for over two and a half years, creating a long and enduring client relationship.

The UK/Australia location difference works really well. Catch the Sun proofreads our Suzuki work ‘overnight’ and marked-up versions arrive in our inboxes early the next morning. This saves us much-needed production time.”

Iva Tanku, Account Manager, Red Brick Road

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