How we work

Streamline your production processes

Catch the Sun Communications is a virtual communications agency of freelance copywriters, editors, proofreaders and other marketing professionals. We service most of our clients remotely, but have a physical office in Canberra, Australia. Our clients are based all around the world, with a high concentration in the UK, Europe and Australia.

Our Catch the Sun business model uses crafty time zone science to increase the potential daily working hours of our busy time-pressed clients. We make it easy to add an ‘extra peace of mind’ layer to your sign-off process or approvals procedure without it eating into your precious project timeline.

Most Catch the Sun jobs tend to follow this four-step process:

  1. Job request/brief: We’ll discuss your project, either in a face-to-face or virtual meeting, or via email.
  2. Estimate: You’ll receive a quote based on our initial discussion – in your choice of GB£, AU$ or EU€ – along with an estimated turnaround time. If accepted, the project will be added to Catch the Sun’s production schedule.
  3. Job completion: Your project will then be undertaken quickly and professionally, to a high-quality standard, before the agreed deadline.
  4. Invoice: Once you’re happy that your job has been successfully completed, it will be invoiced in your choice of currency.

If you’d prefer, we can charge by the hour or, for ongoing business relationships, work to an agreed monthly retainer.

The Catch the Sun™ way

Increase your team’s headcount

While we mostly operate as a completely separate entity to our clients, it’s not unusual for us to work as an extension of an ad agency’s account handling team or company’s marketing department. Our team members have excellent customer liaison skills and, if required to, will operate effectively and professionally using a client’s email address.

Hire a freelance team

For large time-sensitive projects, we can also provide multi-person editorial teams of copywriters, editors and proofreaders to government departments, organisations and agencies. The freelancer resource for these projects is often a combination of part-time in-situ resource (if the project is Canberra based) and remote expert freelance professionals.

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