Imperial College London’s D/srupt magazine

Project managing the Imperial College London Enterprise Lab’s D/srupt magazine 2021

The client

The Enterprise Lab at Imperial College London (ICL), UK, is passionate about inspiring the next generation of student innovators and entrepreneurs. A place to challenge the norm, make things happen and ultimately change the world for the better, the Lab unites people from different disciplines, cultures, backgrounds and life experiences.

Mentored by experts, students:

  • look at situations from new angles
  • solve problems
  • test ideas
  • tackle pressing social or environmental challenges
  • develop career-enhancing skills.

The problem

 Having proofread every issue of the Enterprise Lab’s annual magazine, D/srupt, since its 2018 launch, we were uniquely positioned to further assist our client at a time of unexpected need. Due to pandemic-related upheaval, our contact, Jennifer, found the rescheduled date of her wedding coincided with the development of D/srupt’s 2021–22 edition! She urgently needed some extra assistance to meet the magazine’s deadline.

The solution

Happy with our previous work on D/srupt and aware we knew the magazine well, Jennifer asked us to become an extension of her team – albeit from the other side of the world. Beyond our usual proofreading duties, this time we became more involved and at an earlier stage in the development of the 52-page magazine.

While Jennifer said, ‘I do’, we:

  • fully researched and wrote magazine articles from scratch
  • drafted articles based on previously recorded interviews
  • managed niche, often-complex information, converting this into easily readable articles
  • wrote cover and article headlines
  • project managed all approvals, including from the Imperial Enterprise Lab Director
  • managed the collection of headshots and images from various sources
  • developed the magazine’s page running order
  • copy edited the entire magazine
  • proofread the entire magazine
  • liaised throughout with the magazine’s designer.

The results

Having stepped in to offer the client a seamless stopgap solution, we ensured the D/srupt 2021–22 edition met its deadline, being finalised in time for the university’s Welcome Week. This allowed new and returning students to read it in time to consider becoming a part of the exciting happenings in the Enterprise Lab.

Jennifer was thrilled with the final magazine and agreed it fully met her brief. She knows we are certainly capable of assisting in a greater capacity with future editions of D/srupt or with other projects, if needed.

Just a quick email to say a HUGE thank you for your help with the magazine this year. We got it out in time for Welcome Week, and that’s largely thanks to you!”

Jennifer Mills, Marketing and Communications Manager, Imperial College London’s Imperial Enterprise Lab

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