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What we do

We create engaging content for the advertising and marketing industry.

If you’re an advertising agency, marketing department or government organisation, we can help you create polished, error-free professional communications that inspire actions and get results. We can operate independently or as an extension of your team, either remotely or in person if you’re based in Canberra.


Whatever your industry, our professional copywriters can help with your content needs. Our writers are experienced in advertising copywriting, content provision, content strategy, content design, plain English writing, UX writing, technical writing and plain English training.


Our experienced editors can suggest ways to enhance your written content and polish your writing to a professional level. This means correcting the grammar, as well as recommending changes which improve the flow, make the meaning clearer and enrich the user experience / customer journey.


Proofreading is the final check for spelling, punctuation, grammar and consistency before a piece is published. Our team of expert proofreaders will spot typos, fix errors and ensure your design is consistent, so your marketing materials are correct, professional and ready to print or publish.

Content - Catch The Sun Communications

The team at Catch the Sun are content geniuses.

Nadean Mamic, Associate Director – Projects and Innovation, University of Canberra

How we can help

We make time for our clients.

Content - Catch The Sun Communications

Catch the Sun Communications is a virtual freelance editorial and content agency with headquarters in Canberra, Australia. We provide copywriting, editing and proofreading services to advertising, marketing and creative industry clients in the UK, Europe and Australia.

We Catch the Sun for our clients, using the favourable time zone differences between Europe and Australia to offer quick-turnaround ‘overnight’ copywriting, editing and proofreading.

Content - Catch The Sun Communications

A word from our founder

Our handpicked global network of trusted freelancers is managed by our founder and director, Maddie Sinclair, who has 25 years of experience in advertising, marketing and content provision.

Content - Catch The Sun Communications

The UK/Australia location difference works really well. Catch the Sun proofreads our Suzuki work ‘overnight’ and marked-up versions arrive in our inboxes early the next morning. This saves us much-needed production time.”

Iva Tanku, Account Manager, Red Brick Road

Brands we’ve helped

Content - Catch The Sun Communications

You’re doing an excellent job and the ‘catch the sun’ concept works really well for us.”

David O’Connor, Group Marketing Director, BIMM Institute

Our work

Providing our clients with high-quality, on-brief marketing content.

Flexible working

Whatever your team’s content requirements, we have a freelance model to suit.

Let’s collaborate

We can work as an extension of your agency or marketing team on an ongoing basis.

Hire a freelancer

We’ll select the perfect editorial freelancer for your one-off job.

Hire a content team

We’ll provide you with a cherry-picked team of expert freelancers for your editorial project.

Our blog

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